Extending installing and troubleshooting cat5e wiring, cat6 cabling, phone systems, phone lines, phone ext’s, T-1 lines, dsl wiring, Rg6 coaxial cable, structured wiring for voice and data networks, and even wireless networks. San Diego, Ca.
When you get service with a service provider, they will come out and get you set up with theirservice at what is called the Mpoe (main point of entry) of the Building. Most Phone Companies in San Diego do not “Extend” or activate the phone lines dial tone or “Tie down” your dialtone into your suite or house. If they do, It’s very expensive, or you’ll get lucky and they will do it for free, as part of setting up service with them. If they don’t, that’s where we come in. We can “Hook up“, “activate“, or “Tie down” your cabling or “Cross-connect” and your phone and/or network wiring for dsl, t1, or regular Analog or Digital phone service and get you “live” inside your office, at the jack you want or a brand new location.


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