Let ShureLine install your TV and speaker cables properly and professionally. We’ll provide a switching center and plug-ins where you need them. And we’ll be sure to use the correct cable grade to maximize your viewing and listening pleasure.
We’ll design and install office lighting, both ambient and task lighting.
Send us your drawing and we’ll calculate the amount of light you need in foot candles, taking into consideration your room colors, furniture, ceiling heights. Same with parking lot lighting. We know insurance company requirements and will design exactly how much you need for insurance purposes, and for making your entrance and building attract customers.
Bucket trucks to handle your parking lot lighting.
Light fixture, switch or wiring problems? Need a new dimmer installed? A new outlet in the garden? These are services we can help you with. Our designers know just how to help you plan and visualize that new idea. And our service teams know just how to install it according to plan.


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