Having new cabling installed or existing cabling relocated and getting everything back up and running smoothly within a specific budget and on time is what we do.
Today’s structured cabling may involve Category 5e, category 6 or category 6a UTP cabling placed in nearly every part of your building. This can be a big investment and you want to deal with someone that you can trust to do the job properly, test and certify your network to perform as it is intended to.
Your needs may also require Fiber Optic cabling for long distances or Wireless Bridges or Access Points for extended locations without existing conduit or for other special needs.
The purchase and installation of a complete system provides all the traditional benefits of equipment ownership including ease of use, long term savings and control of your entire communication infrastructure. This technology so advanced its actually easy to use! These high power business tools can provide an all in one solution of Telecommunications, Voice Mail, Unified Messaging, Video and Call Logging, Access Control and Presence Management. Integrated applications eliminate managing multiple vendors.


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