The Teknation Cabling Group offers full-service installation of voice, data, and fiber optic network cabling in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. No matter how large or small your installation, Teknation is willing and able to get it done.
If you need to move your network, upgrade your cabling, or replace your infrastructure, Teknation’s network cabling team is the clear choice.
Teknation offers network cabling solutions in the DFW area. Our services include design and/or installation of virtually any type of cabling or wiring project. Because we are a subsidiary of a full service IT systems integration firm, we understand both voice and data networks like no one else.
Teknation’s cabling work is fully standards compliant and capable of supporting business applications like VoIP, PoE, MPLS, cloud, voice, data, video, and more. Our installations are designed for growth in order to provide the longest possible life cycle. We also design our installations in a way that anticipates your future bandwidth needs and facilitates easy moves, adds, and changes.


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