TeleCom Business Solutions sells and services new phone and voice mail systems specializing in digital hybrid systems and VoIP systems. We design a system according to your business needs and install, program and train based on your requirements. We take pride in not just installing a system but helping you discover the best applications for your company’s needs.
TeleCom Business Solutions installs cabling for voice systems with CAT3 and CAT5 cable, data network systems with CAT5e, CAT6 cable and fiber optic cabling. All cabling is installed according to industry standards. Cabling is always tested and labeled. We can provide cable certification, wire mapping and cable test data printouts.
TeleCom Business Solutions sells, trouble-shoots and repairs paging systems for office buildings and warehouses, which can integrate with intercom or phone systems. We install cables and speakers for business audio purposes including retail, offices and outside areas.


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