At Telecom Solutions Inc., we are committed to providing quality telecommunications, data and other technology products while ensuring each of our customers receives the level of service required to optimize their solutions and drive their business.
Telecom Solutions offers structured cabling design & installation services. Network cabling simply refers to the cabling system or wiring, (also known as CAT5, CAT6 and/or fiber optic cable) that is installed throughout your premise. A well-designed and properly installed system of network cabling allows your computers and phone systems to be interconnected for maximum performance.
We design networks that adhere to current cabling standards, ensuring that your newly acquired products and services converge with already existing components. Regardless if your cabling infrastructure is designed and installed from the ground up or is a retrofit for an existing facility, we will help you properly plan for future upgrading or expansion as your business needs change.
At Telecom Solutions, we offer a wide range of network cabling products and services needed to design and build an infrastructure that will serve your strategic business needs.


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