TelecomGiant offers a wide variety of internet services including OCX, T-1, T-3, Ethernet, Broadband, DSL, VSAT, Wireless WWAN and even remote Dial-Up. With the ability to provide Bandwidth at any level, TelecomGiant can help you effectively deploy your Global network– allowing for scalability and flexibility to meet your growing needs! We specialize in all types of WAN design and deployment; to include IP based VPN(s) (including VSAT and WWAN), Private Line, Frame Relay, ATM, MAN, and MPLS technologies.
TelecomGiant offers Professional and experienced wiring experts to ensure your network cabling project meets or exceeds your requirements and all relevant Electrical/Building Codes. Our tenured Wiring Technicians will discuss and explain all infrastructure delivery options and their TCO to help you make the best decision for this critical piece of your network.


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