Whether installing cables, wiring, CAT5 networking cables, fiber optics or all wireless access points, our team of trained and certified project managers successfully create and manage a step-by-step install with your company’s goals in mind.
Have a multi-location company or enterprise? Our national reach also supports all multi-location projects while ensuring a streamlined system integration, and like we have said before – we do a job well done.
We offer a next–generation web–based portal to monitor and manage your communications infrastructure and services. Real-time monitoring of your entire network infrastructure (not available with all providers). View all telecommunications infrastructure, circuits, IP addresses, locations, orders, and contracts.
POTS stands for Plain Old Telephone Service and has been available since the introduction of the public telephone system in the late 1800’s. It is considered a normal phone line like that is delivered on a pair of copper wires. POTS is the analog voice-grade telephone service that remains the basic form of residential and small business service connection to the telephone network in many parts of the world. Many of our own customers use these types of lines for alarms, elevators or security systems. Mostly, it has been unchanged despite the introduction of touch-tone dialing, mobile phones, electronic telephone exchanges, ISDN, VoIP and fiber-optic communication into the public switched telephone network (PSTN).


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