Few system upgrades have the impact of a structured cabling system upgrade in terms of increased performance and reliability for a business, and none offer more opportunity to increase the efficiency of a business. Often a new structured cabling system will pay for itself with increased productivity by the workforce, who will no longer complain of lost connections, slow access, and long downtime related to the network.
A structured cabling solution consists of all the cables and equipment that connect computers together and to the Internet, including patch cables, backbone cables, terminal blocks, patch panels, etc. When migrating to a structured system from a legacy system it is often advantageous to replace most of the network components such as switches, routers, hubs, repeaters, network interface cards (NICs), and even firewalls with newer, faster components. This will not only speed up the network significantly, but also combine the downtime and labor costs into one comprehensive project that will provide an immediate return on investment.


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