UTOPIA is a fiber optic network that uses light to transmit data. When we talk about the speed of light, we’re not kidding. Fiber optics deliver speeds up to 200 times faster than what you have right now because it isn’t crippled by the limitations of copper wiring, like interference or slowdowns caused by shared lines.
With UTOPIA, you’ll have a dedicated line coming directly into your residence. This line is yours and yours alone. With this connection, so enjoy blazing speeds—upload and download— more clarity and more reliability—even if your neighbors are streaming movies, playing online games, or Skyping. UTOPIA simply helps you connect to the world in ways you have never experienced before.
E-commerce. Cloud computing. Application Service Provider models. The tools that make businesses more competitive are also increasing the demands on our networks, and driving the need for more speed. Gone are the days when oversubscribed or shared networks will suffice. We need more speed, more efficiency, more output and more throughput.
Unlike copper wire networks, fiber uses light to transmit data, so it isn’t limited by electrical interference, data loss over distance, or the slowdowns caused by shared lines. Fiber optics gives you greater speed, clearer video, VoIP calls without lag, and the assurance that your e-commerce site will always handle demand.


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