When building new or renovating your home don’t forget about your communication or entertainment systems. When the walls are ‘open’ is the perfect time to run new or replace old wiring for your telephone, cable, or sound system. Install a custom built in surround sound system in your den, run a new telephone line to your daughters room or have cable run to the new man cave in the basement. The team at Visual Telecom Solutions has you covered and will have the work complete professionally and to required codes. We will take the time to fully understand your needs and desires and will then design and install the perfect system that meets or exceeds your expectations and will function for years to come.
The television has come a long way from a clunky large piece of furniture to a sleek piece of technology that can be hung like a picture and provide stunning image quality. To get your HD TV to function at its best can sometimes leave yourself asking questions, like are you using the correct HDMI cable, are the settings correct, what is the safest way to mount your TV to the wall? Our technicians at Visual Telecom Solutions can take all the guess working out of getting your HD TV running at its best. We can mount your TV exactly where you want it, have your cables neatly hidden away so you can enjoy your TV watching experience.


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