AllianceTel is a partner for all corporate telecom data requirements, including project management, engineering, and data transfer. We have the experience and brand name manufacturers to implement and certify the following premise wiring systems.
AllianceTel provides services for 1) single, self-contained audio visual (A/V) rooms, 2) high-tech boardrooms, 3) interactive e-Learning classrooms, and 4) globally networked campuses. Contact the AllianceTel A/V Services team of engineers and industry experts to bring your A/V vision to life.
With the development of Fast Ethernet over copper/fiber optic cabling Alliance can now install your premise wiring architecture during the construction or retrofitting of your building. The modest additional investment during the construction phase guarantees you or your prospective tenants low cost network installation, centralized systems and flexibility on network topologies. A potential tenant will be able to move in and be up to speed quickly.


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