Distributor and value-added resource for data communication and connectivity systems, structured cabling, copper cabling, fiber optic cabling, private networks, public networks, government networks, low voltage, voice, data and video.
CSC can provide kit assembly services to enhance the processing of customer orders when required. The use of kits simplifies ordering, storage, handling, and ultimately site installation. CSC can provide specialized packaging, labeling, and color-coding to help customers identify each kit and its contents. CSC can provide cut to length cable as specified by the customer. CSC’s cutting staff will minimize scrap generated.
CSC will secure, stage and ship material based on your project timelines and requirements. Don’t invest valuable resources before those needs arise. CSC will work with you to develop optimum delivery and inventory programs. Multiple shipments can be costly for project managers. CSC will show how we can stage the entire bill of materials for your next project. We’re experts at bulk and staged delivers. Job packages are consolidated at a single point and shipped within 24 hours directly to your site.


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