Direct Security & Sound can revolutionize your home and business communications with technology, style, and value. With voice, data, and network cables along with quality and stylish intercom systems, your home can come to life. Let us show you how you can see who is at your front door without answering it; how to have television, internet, and phone capabilities in every room of the house; or how to communicate effectively with the upstairs of your home when you are downstairs, all with the potential of using it to send music throughout your home. Structure wiring is about making technology convenient, let’s design a system that works for you.
Say farewell to that twisted mess of wires and unruly cables. It’s called Structured Wiring. The results are nice, neat and clean, runs that stay out of your way and protect individual wires as well. Thus, keeping the low voltage electronics in your home or office purring right along. Peek inside your home or office and you might find wiring for your Computer Network, Audio/Video Components, Security Alarms, Surveillance Systems, Telephones, and Intercoms. Everything comes together all in one convenient location called a structured wiring panel, very similar to your home or office circuit breaker box.


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