Gobal is a voice & data, service oriented company operating in South Florida since 1979. As one of the largest independent interconnect companies in this area. Global has been providing state-of-the-art communications equipment and services to a customer base impressive in both size and quality.
We have designed, installed and serviced voice & data solutions for thousands of well-established South Florida companies in diversified fields, from airlines to zoos. We sell both new and budget friendly re manufactured equipment, providing you with the most cost-efficient options for your needs.
We provide a two (2) hour response time for emergency service calls. Service is considered an emergency when more than 50% of your telephone system is out of order or, the main answering position is down, or you are receiving no incoming calls and/or unable to make outgoing calls. Standard service is dispatched within 24-48 hours of you reporting the problem. Add, Change, Move orders are worked within 48 hours for stocked items. Delays can be experienced due to parts orders, parts backorders, or service backlogs. Service calls have top priority.


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