JEM Communications sells and services business and railroad communications products. JEM offers a variety of business phone systems, cloud hosted communications, and data networking solutions. JEM also manufactures a range of railroad products, providing custom designs, quality control, and supply management.
From switches to firewalls to routers JEM has all the hardware you need to make your next communications purchase a success. Whether you are interested in a complete overhaul or just want to discuss your available options we can help. In an ever changing world of technology we take the extra time to ensure that every solution we provide is tailored to fit your unique needs.
JEM began its collaboration with the railroad industry with the introduction of the JEM Radio in 2004. Since then we’ve expanded our portfolio to include an array of communications equipment and peripherals, designed explicitly for the modern locomotive. With a variety of configuration options and an extensive network of manufacturing partners, JEM has become a quality standard among railroads.
In today’s high-tech world the demand for reliable communications is continually increasing. As a result the costs and the complexity associated with corporate communication infrastructures are also constantly increasing. At the core of these complex systems is the cabling that must transmit your data reliably and continuously. Keeping your lines of communication transmitting properly requires well planned and properly installed cabling.


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