No matter your industry or your environment, NetUnlimited can help hook you up to the outside world, quickly and cost-effectively. Our technicians have been there and done that. In fact, because most of our technicians have been with us for years, they’ve probably been there and done that many times.
It’s not about just electrical wiring anymore. Our experienced techs have seen manufacturing and other equipment become as network-dependent as the PCs in the office suite, and they’ve worked out the smart ways to get it done – whether it’s developing a new system from scratch, or tweaking an existing one for efficiency. When designing a distributed architecture for your industrial site, our consultants can tie in your equipment based on the best location for your process, not on the shortcomings of your network.
Commonly called horizontal directional drilling or HDD, is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surrounding area. Directional boring is used when trenching or excavating is not practical.


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