Network Cabling Services, Inc. is a full-service network infrastructure and telecommunications cabling company. NCS provides cabling systems to support high-speed data and voice communication networks, including both copper and fiber optic cabling. NCS believes in providing quality solutions and services, which exceed the expectations of our customers.
The backbone of all communications technology is built upon the cable systems that snake through office buildings, data centers, and communication networks. Network Cabling Services, Inc. (NCS) specializes in the installation of structured cabling for voice and data (Cat-3, Cat-5, Cat-6 and fiber optic mulitmode and single-mode), and cable for audio, video systems and paging systems. With a structured cabling system a majority of network downtime, 70% of which often result from a traditional cabling system, can be eliminated.
We partner with our customers to complement their voice and data communications with structured cabling systems. Whether it’s just to install a few cables or to design and implement a structured network cabling system throughout an entire building, NCS will work with you to complete the job quickly and professionally.
A WAP, or Wireless Access Point is a tool that wirelessly provides Internet to multiple devices. The wireless access point itself is wired to a network, and ultimately broadcasts a signal that can be picked up by devices in that particular network. NCS specializes in the installation of the cabling, and the mounting of these devices. Once locations have been determined NCS will wire, mount, and document the installation.


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