Your computer and business network is only as good as the physical cabling behind it. A poor network design can lead to sluggish data transmissions and downtime. At RTM, we specialize in laying cable for data and voice in all physical configurations. We make sure your network can handle the latest technology. We will design a cabling plan to ensure your set-up is safe, efficient and optimal for the way your office works.
Let us untangle and clean up your data closet, and streamline your phone, Internet, server and network connections. RTM specializes in the design and maintenance of computer networks across all platforms, for companies of all industries and sizes.
Downtime is money, and we help minimize downtime by planning for business continuity before an outage happens. We can help you be ready for everything from the simple Internet Service Provider or weather-related outage to a major disaster. Disaster recovery is one of our greatest strengths at RTM.


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