In addition to working with the leading solution vendors in the industry to protect your computers and networks, SJRTI will help you design the appropriate best practices, policies and procedures that you will need in order to account for the “human factor”.
S.J. Rollins Technologies is a authorized resellers of Intel, Hp and Toshiba products. We offer Consultation, Service and Sales for these products for business and home. Please call us for your quotes for Laptops, Desktops, VoIP telephone systems, Servers, Peripherals and Networking equipment.
VPN’s are the most secure way to share information is to only allow specific people access to your private local network. Businesses with more than one location or businesses that want to allow remote employees, partners or specific customers to access information on their local network could all benefit from a VPN solution.
Because a VPN is used to provide security over an otherwise unsecured medium, the technology is always coupled with some form of Firewall. Even pure VPN devices should include a basic Firewall that will specifically deny all other types of communication access.
For many businesses the most critical function that their employees need is regular access to their E-Mail, calendars, contacts, etc. When an employee is on the road or out of the office for any reason they could still maintain a level of productivity if they could access these features.


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