Admix Telcom is a full service communications systems integrator specializing in VoIP systems and the integration of these systems with a host of complimentary data applications. Samsung, our flagship product line has attacked the chasm between voice telephony and virtualized software and succeeded. Now mission-critical voice applications have been virtualized alongside other enterprise business applications in the mainstream data center.
The many choices you have in service and long distance options can be overwhelming. Admix Telcom has over 52 years experience in telcom. Our consulting services are a value added benefit to being a part of our team. Let an Admix Telcom expert guide you in service decisions that effect your company’s bottom line and communications.
We can provide the leading edge telephone services, supplying robust call handling, voice mail, Vo/IP, multiple data line services, and voice/data cabling. Admix, an Authorized Associate Solution Provider for Triton, Charter, and ATT, Dedicated Internet Access, DSL, and T1 to businesses in qualified areas.


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