Whether your needs are for a 200+ employee company system, or maybe just a 2-line wireless system for your home, Menlo Telecom has the experience to provide a reliable, cost-effective system, one which will remain flexible and can handle expansion, or contraction, if such is the case. Menlo Telecom can handle relocating, expanding, and changing as necessary your telephone system. In addition, if you have a need to implement a Call Accounting system, or if you are an operator of a hospitality business which needs to provide a bill-back service to your guests, Menlo Telecom is experienced in implementing these types of services as well.
Whether your needs are a running cables between switches and servers in a co-location site, or pulling all new voice and data wires in your new high-rise office suite, or installing conduits to permit protection of wires feeding outdoor video cameras and access points, Menlo Telecom is prepared to complete such jobs. We pride ourselves on wiring jobs which look as good from above the ceiling tiles as below.


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